Of all the senses, sound is the most emotionally resonant. Hollywood and creative agencies worked this out a long time ago. But despite its power to influence how we feel, sound remains massively under-exploited on the internet. Why? Essentially for technical reasons but this is now changing fast.

The new Web Audio API defined in the latest HTML 5 standards allows audio to be sourced, processed and filtered dynamically in real time. This opens a whole new world of creative possibilities in sound, at precisely the time that the potential audience for sonic experiences is booming. Next time you are on a crowded commuter train, have a look around. Notice how many people have their headphones plugged in to their mobile devices. This is the future, the new sound ecosystem, which is already starting to be exploited by many of the world's top brand names.

Sonoport is at the forefront of this exciting, new web audio frontier. Our Sound Exchange allows you to select audio from the world's largest internet sound archive, dynamically shape it with our proprietory sound modules and output it as HTML code for use throughout the web. What is more, our suite of web analytics tools allows you to analyse who is listening to the audio that our platform streams. This means you get to know your customer base a whole lot better.

If you would like to find out more please visit www.sonoport.com