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So how do we make sound?

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Welcome to another blog post on Web Audio API! Previously we have complied a bunch of information that would be useful for anyone to start on web audio here. If you are not sure what is Web Audio API, it would be useful to check that out first! For today’s post we would like to delve a little deeper into web audio and find out more about the history behind it! Then we shall explain what is AudioContext and analyse a snippet of code so that anyone without much coding background would be able to understand it too. If this tutorial is too basic for more advanced developers, perhaps one should head over to Tizen where they have a wonderful tutorial on Advanced Web Audio Usage.

Learning Web Audio API

Shedding some light on Web Audio API

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Hey there! Thank you for visiting Sonoport’s tech blog! We hope that you had a wonderful weekend! This week we would like to shed some light on Web Audio API by pointing out the different sources available on the net where you can learn more about it (there are so many!), different examples of its many uses and tips on learning it as a non-developer without any background in coding.

Snippets from Sonoport

Let's talk about Sound Models

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Hi all! Greetings from the Sonoport team! If you have been following our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts you would have noticed our daily posts on anything related to sound and exciting developments from other creative teams around the world. It's about time we show you a tiny snippet of what our team has been working on. To do that here is a quick recap of our mission.